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PO Box 310, Rochester, NH 03866
PO Box 310, Rochester, NH 03866

Full Accident Reconstruction Services

“How fast were the cars going?”
“Who was driving?”
“Did the bushes on the corner act as an obstruction?”
“What happened?”

How an accident actually played out can be confusing. There’s often a lot of evidence to parse through found by examining vehicles and scenes. Only by sorting through it fully and carefully can proper determinations be made as to what led to an accident. And there are a lot of questions you may have about the specifics as they apply to your personal case.

Whether we are tasked in determining who the driver was, assessing right-of-way issues, analyzing conspicuity, or calculating driver response times, a full and complete reconstruction can often illuminate the facts and bring the truth to the forefront. We have extensive experience in high- and low-speed collisions, pedestrian accidents, commercial truck incidents, motorcycle collisions, mass transit and much more.