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PO Box 310, Rochester, NH 03866
PO Box 310, Rochester, NH 03866

3D Scanning

Visualizing New Perspectives Through Technology
With the recent acquisition of Leica 3D scanning hardware, we are able to safely and accurately open up detailed levels of immersion into scene and vehicle examinations.

By creating a point cloud consisting of millions of three-dimensional points and combining that data with photographs taken by the scanner, we can rotate and ‘fly around’ objects such as roadways to get a better understanding of what the driver may have seen (or been unable to see). This might include interactively exploring sightline obstructions such as foliage or signs. This technology also allows us to document vehicle damage much more comprehensively than hand measurements can alone.

In general, 3D scanning lets us collect even more detailed data at a scene while doing so in a short amount of time. Once back in the office, we have a much larger database of information from which to perform our reconstruction analysis.

Any Questions?
While we are already employing the use of 3D scanning in much of our workflow, you may have a need we haven’t encountered yet. Please feel free to inquire as to if this technology can aid your particular case.