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Below are some of the more common services that we provide. Clients often ask us to complete other duties that are not specifically listed here. If you need something that is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accident Reconstruction
Whether it's a speed issue, a line-of-sight complaint, a time-distance concern, or many other issues, a full and complete reconstruction can often illuminate the facts and bring the truth to the forefront. We have extensive experience in high- and low-speed collisions, pedestrian accidents, commercial truck incidents, motorcycle collisions and much more.

Fraud Investigations
Insurance fraud will never go away. And perpetrators are constantly trying to come up with new ways to cheat insurance companies. By combining our vast investigation experience, our personal crash test participation, and extensive government and industry studies, we can help determine who is trying to get something they aren't entitled to.

Many times, we receive photographs of damaged vehicles or skid marks in a roadway. Getting an accurate measurement of the crush depth, or length of the tire mark, has traditionally been difficult due to lack of information or cost restrictions. To overcome these limitations, McNally & Associates has been trained in the use of EOS Systems PhotoModeler - a premiere software program designed for photogrammetry (getting measurements from photos). We believe this greatly enhances our ability to obtain otherwise difficult data and utilitize it to enhance our reconstructions.

CDR and Heavy Truck Data Retrieval
Our services in this area are continuously evolving and updating as new data and tools become available.

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Large Format Printing
Our in-house printing hardware enables us to output large scale diagrams, graphics, and enlargements of documents such as depositions and aerial photographs.

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3D Computer Animation
With the drop in pricing of computer hardware, and the ability of new software to do some pretty amazing things, producing a high-quality 3D animation is no longer a "pipe dream." Instead, animation is becoming a common tool to help settle a case or to explain a complicated sequence of events to a jury. The cost to complete an animation is often below $3000 and the final product can be output to DVD. McNally & Associates produces these animations entirely in-house.

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