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Animation/Video Production Services
At McNally & Associates, we produce our 3D animations entirely in-house using Autodesk's powerful 3D Studio MAX. The same data that we collect from our scene and vehicle investigations is used in creating an animation. Our reconstructionists' findings (or other data such as police report measurements) are then incorporated to give a complete end-result product that compliments our experts' findings. 

We also perform non-linear video editing (NLE). This enables us to analyze video frame by frame, add timers or other graphics, or even produce picture-in-picture effects.

Final video or animation products can be output to standard VHS, DVD, or a large number of digital video formats including .MOV (Apple Quicktime), .AVI (Windows Media), .MPG, etc. 

Animation Samples
Please visit our YouTube page to view samples of our work. 

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