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One of our newest acquisitions is a high-end, large-format plotter. As an upgrade to our older printing system, this new unit improves the end-product for our clients in multiple ways:

System Printing Improved
Our new plotter allows for higher-resolution prints - up to 2400x1200 dpi - which dramatically improves the readability of text and ability to make out finer details in photos. Large-format, photo-quality prints can be output in under two minutes - a significant improvement in output speed. And we can now also produce prints 3 feet wide by over 100 feet long - very helpful for longer accident scene depictions.

In-House Control
In the past, some of our higher-end court displays needed to be handled by third-party firms specializing in graphics output. Problems or revisions could sometimes delay the completion of a project by a day or more. We now anticipate that we will be able to create nearly every graphic display within our facilities, thus dramatically cutting production costs and time.

Overlay Functionality
A unique function of this new system is the ability to mix document types within the same diagram. The sample below demonstrates how different, related documents can be combined in a single display. In this sample, a CAD diagram is combined with a witness perspective photo, an aerial photo of the scene, a portion of a reconstruction report, and associated calculations.

Please note: The image below is a bit crowded and not typical of one of our court displays. Instead, the sample simply illustrates a combination of data from 5 different sources to demonstrate the system's inherent abilities. The quality of the sample has been intentionally reduced.

Please click on the diagram for a larger view.



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