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McNally & Associates currently employs four full-time employees. While each of our employees have titles and job descriptions, we are proud of our "team first" approach. Each player is involved in the decision-making that goes on in the company, and innovative ideas are encouraged. The general good sense of humor and never-ending desire to improve shared by all employees serve as a base for a pleasant work environment.

Bruce F. McNally, President 
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Coming from a law enforcement background and having spent the past 10 years as an accident reconstruction consultant, Bruce operates McNally & Associates emphasizing a balance of professional reconstruction services with honest customer relations. He continually investigates and incorporates new technologies in the field and has made a name for himself in the A/R community by going beyond "good enough" in his commitment to providing quality work. Bruce is accredited by ACTAR.

John K. Breen, Senior Animator   
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John performs several different duties for McNally & Associates. His work experience in the computer and land survey industries made him an ideal fit for our technological needs. Hired originally to complete 3D forensic animations, John also operates our total station in the field, and serves as in-house CAD technician and graphics artist. 

Vicki L. Croteau, Office Manager  

Vicki's duties extend far beyond her title as well. While primarily focusing on report proofing and accounting duties, Vicki oversees the daily administrative aspects of the company. Her professionalism and dedication, combined with her long service in the accident reconstruction field, have made her a valuable customer relations liaison.

Pattie A. McNally, Administrative Assistant 

Pattie has proven to be a valuable addition to the McNally & Associates team by adding significant support to the administrative side of our operations. Pattie handles much of the case set-up, shipping/handling of case materials, and other administrative tasks. Her efforts allow the entire staff to be more productive

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