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Welcome to McNally & Associates

Located in historic Rochester, New Hampshire, McNally & Associates is an accident reconstruction and fraud investigation consulting firm assisting clients across the country. Our services include automotive, commercial vehicle, pedestrian, and motorcycle accidents. We also perform EDR (black box) downloads and analysis, expert witness testimony, scene and evidence photography, full supporting 3D graphics and animation, and much, much more.

McNally & Associates accident reconstuctions are drawn on detailed and extensive experience in the reconstruction field and service in the law enforcement community. We have participated in hundreds of staged test collisions, reconstructed thousands of collisions, lectured at reconstruction-related seminars, and provided expert testimony in dozens of local, state, and federal courts. All McNally & Associates reconstructionists are ACTAR-certified.

CDR and Heavy Truck Download Services
Please see this page for detailed information about our abilities to download and interpret vehicle crash and incident data, including lists of models containing such data.

Take our Tools With You
Attention mobile device users: Our online calculators, videos, and more are now formatted for your smaller, smartphone screen. Be sure to hit up the link to the left to check it out. Or just bookmark mcnallyassociates.com/mobile to take us with you out in the field.

Upload Multiple Files Easily
Our new uploading service is both easy to use and secure. If you have any number of digital documents (including photos) that you wish to send us, please use our new option to avoid the size limits that are usually placed on e-mail systems. Click the icon at the left to start, or click here for more information.

Ready to get started?
Feel free to give our office a call at 603.948.1292. To expedite matters further, please review our Accident Reconstruction Checklist (PDF format). It will give you a basic list of materials we like to have in hand when beginning a reconstruction.

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